About Jim Jordan

I was born to be a children’s entertainer, it comes so naturally”
• Full time children’s entertainer for 30 years
• Voted best children’s entertainer 12 years in a row (by readers choice awards)
• Six years on channel 23, the Jimbo show
• Went to Sheridan Collage for early childhood education
• Fund raising in our community, such as Tansley Woods for the day care center, Burlington Central Library for new computers for children, and donated a sound system for telecare lifeline
• Also, taught fire safety to the kids who attend day cares in Burlington and Oakville areas
• Well known and respected for the time and efforts committed towards many Burlington programs for children

My own opinions

• I get down to the children’s level, which brings out the silliness and smiles on their faces
• I enjoy every show that I have preformed
• I am the luckiest person to be able to have a job that is so rewarding
• Children at a young age, have not learned how to lie, so when they come to me, and say, “You’re silly”, or “I had fun”, or even, “I love you”, it just makes your heart grow
• When God created me, he intended my efforts to go towards children to put a smile on their face
• I truly, truly, am so lucky
Jimbo...Voted Best Kids Entertainer 12 Years in a Row by "Readers Choice Awards"
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