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I have been a professional Santa for over 30 years but I also have been a professional magician for over 25 years and sometimes companies just hire me to do the magic show because they have a fellow employee who wants to be Santa. Well it happens time and time again as I finish the magic show and I get the kids to start to sing jingle bells and here comes Santa. I look at the kid’s faces and all I see is disappointment.

The Santa sits down has no experience and starts calling out the names.

Santa is the key to your Christmas party. Don't let the kids down by having an amateur do the most important job. Have a true professional Santa come to your next Christmas party.

I hear time and time again how the kids at a certain Christmas party go to school and tell their friends that the real Santa came to their Christmas Party.

I do songs, Story, Good and Bad book and I know how to control the stage because I was voted best Children’s entertainer 12 years in a row by reader’s choice awards.

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Voted Best Kids Entertainer 12 Years in a Row by "Readers Choice Awards"

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Voted Best Kids Entertainer 12 Years in a Row by "Readers Choice Awards"